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One rape allegation and a two-week hiatus later, police commissioner scion and local television host Greg Kelly was back on air wishing New Yorkers a good day -- without directly telling viewers why he'd left. 

"It was a tough couple of weeks, obviously, for a lot of people, and I'm very very grateful for all the support I had here at Fox 5, the support from my family, friends, those I care about, and the viewers of course," Kelly said, reiterating the statement he issued Tuesday after the allegation that he had raped a 29-year-old paralegal in October were dropped by the police department his father, Ray Kelly, runs.

One thing he didn't directly mention on his first day back on Good Day New York this morning: the rape allegation itself, apparently assuming he didn't have to rehash the case for viewers. But he may have to eventually. As a group of media experts told Capital New York's Joe Pompeo, he'll only be able to save his career by publicly address the incident.

Update 9:58 a.m.: Here is Mediaite's video of Greg Kelly's return this morning. 

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