The Celebrity Charity Auction Index

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How much would you pay to spend time with Samuel L. Jackson? Jeremy Lin? Snoop Dogg? Karl Rove? These don't have to be hypothetical questions. You actually can pay to meet them and other marquee names. For charity, of course.

A common, feel-good way for celebrities to raise money for their causes of choice is to auction off their time in the form of a dinner date, golf outing, or the like to overzealous fans. After finding one such "deal," in the four figures, for an elbow-rubbing lunch with Karl Rove (all proceeds going to wounded veterans), we wondered what the overall market for these celebrity hangouts looked like. We scrolled through charity e-auctioneers Charity Folks and charitybuzz to come up with the following snapshot of what a few of our favorite names from media, Hollywood, and politics are currently going for on the auction block. 

Yes, that's Jeremy Lin topping the list. Have you heard of him? The price of meeting Lin (which also includes four Knicks tickets and a game-worn jersey) has more than quadrupled over the past two days. The other auctionable celebrities come with their own related perks. Winning time with Snoop Dogg, for instance, gets you a spot in a music video. With Jackson, you'll win a round of golf. Winning bids on Bret Baier and Sean Hannity give you a chance to sit in on a tapping of their respective shows. (Time with Don Lemon gets you only lunch, but no studio time.) For $5,500, Rove better be taking you somewhere nice.

All the auctions, plus the various charities getting the gifts, can be found here and here. Place your bids now! There are just 71 hours until Rove's closes.

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