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Update 5:27 p.m.: MSNBC reports that police have confirmed the body found in Mount Rainier Park is Benjamin Barnes, the man suspected of shooting park ranger Margaret  Anderson on Sunday.

Original: King 5 News reports Benjamin Colton Barnes, the man suspected of shooting a Mount Rainier park ranger Sunday, was found dead "in a ditch," though police so far won't confirm the identity of the body found in the park. The brutal shooting had set off a huge manhunt Monday, and though details of the death are thin, supplied by an anonymous law enforcement source, it seems like Barnes may have died of natural causes:

[Ranger Kevin Bacher] Bacher also said that Barnes would have to travel 6 to 10 miles on foot through higher elevations and deep snow to get back out to any populated areas. At several points in Monday morning's press conference, Bacher said police and rangers would be happy if Mother Nature was able to deal with Barnes so the suspect would not be able to do any more harm.

Police said the ranger, Margaret Anderson, was shot when Barnes failed to obey a traffic stop. (Probably because he was already wanted for questioning in a shooting in the Seattle suburbs.) He's a 24-year-old Iraq war veteran who officials said likely was heavily armed and had survival skills. We'll post updates if the news is confirmed by officials. 

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