Smoke Enshrouded Highway Kills 10 in Florida

A brushfire's smoke combines with fog on a Gainesville highway, turning the stretch of road into a mile-long deathtrap.

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A massive chain-reaction pileup on Florida's Interstate 75 in Gainesville has left ten people dead and 18 injured, The Gainesville Sun reports. The crashes occurred in both the northbound and southbound lanes, after a wall of smoke from a nearby wildfire combined with a heavy fog to completely enshroud the highway, reducing visibility to zero. The New York Daily News reports that "four or five large commercial trucks, including one FedEx truck, and six passenger cars" were involved in the accidents, leaving a mile stretch of road covered in twisted metal, smoke and charred wreckage. The collisions began in the early morning hours on Sunday, and were spectacularly violent: the Sun describes one in which a pickup truck landed on the hood of a car, sending both vehicles into the back of a Fed Ex trailer. Investigators are now saying the fire that caused the smoke was set either deliberately or by accident.

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