Private Equity, Meat Eating in the Midwest, and Russia's Mars Attack

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Top Stories: Mitt Romney's candidacy is shining a light on the world of private equity, an industry that a lot of Americans are affected by, but know very little about. Post-traumatic stress disorder is having an unexpected effect on the driving records of veterans, who are experiencing an increase in accidents on the road.

World: Some investors are looking to cash in on what they expect will be an upcoming Greek bailout.

NYC: The ordeal of a Belgian tourist who was arrested in New York City for a  non-existent crime that was falsely reported by a man in need of psychiatric help.

Health: Americans are eating less meat than ever, partly because of economics, but mostly due to a simple choice to avoid it. On the other hand, going vegetarian can be a difficult task in much of America's heartland.

Arts: A look back at Bill Cosby's greatest television moments, as the Paley Center for Media celebrates his 50th year in the business. Are You There, Chelsea? joins Whitney as the latest entrant in the "crude" female sitcom world, which critic Alessandra Stanley calls just another form of sexism.

Food: Prosecco has seen a boom in recent years, which is leading old school winemakers to protect their branding and growing traditions.

Science: Russia is blaming the failure of Mars probe that will soon crash back to Earth on anti-satellite weapons, though they won't say who they think would mess with their important science project.

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