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Whatever you think of the two Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who became famous for getting pepper sprayed and beaten by police, you have to admit their lawyer is pretty funny. Ron Kuby, the longtime civil rights lawyer representing Kaylee Dedrick (who got pepper-sprayed by Anthony Bologna) and Felix Rivera-Pitre (who got punched during a march following a mid-October eviction attempt at Zuccotti Park), is still pressuring the Manhattan District Attorney's office to prosecute the officers he says assaulted the two activists. On Monday he sent District Attorney Cy Vance a very annoyed letter complaining that assistant district attorneys are dragging their feet on deciding whether to prosecute. And it's funny. After calling police spokesman Paul Brown the "perennially prevaricating deputy commissioner," Kuby launched into this screed comparing Vance's prosecutors to his teenage daughter:

Vance has teenagers of his own, so maybe this will ring familiar.

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