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Aneesh Chopra, who helped author President Obama's position against SOPA, is leaving his post with a bit of bang, possibly setting up whatever political aspirations he may have in his home state of Virginia.The Obama administration's chief technology officer (the government's first CTO ever) will be stepping down effective February 8, reports Politico. Though described there as "an advocate for integrating government and technology to create new products and services," we will most remember Chopra as one the three "Obama geeks" who wrote the blog post that called on Congress not to pass SOPA. "There had been a grassroots movement to ask for our engagement on this issue, not from the insiders of Washington but from the American people," Chopra told Bloomberg the day of the Wikipedia blackout. "One hundred thousand people sent in their or signed on to these petitions, and that's exactly what we did earlier this week, which is to respond to the American people themselves."

If Chopra sounds like a politician in the video below, that's not surprising. The Washington Post reports that he's eyeing a run for lieutenant governor in Virginia.

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