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Just a few years ago he was one of the nation's financial heavy hitters, but former A.F.G. chief executive Aaron Hand has solidified his role as a criminal, pleading guilty on Monday to trying to arrange a hit on a witness with his parents' unwitting help. Already in prison for orchestrating a $100 million mortgage fraud scheme, Hand tried to have a witness who testified against him killed, and he got his parents to deliver a down payment on the hit.

According to the Manhattan District Attorney's office, Hand asked his parents to give $150 to an associate for what he said was a bribe for a prison guard. They did, and the associate passed the money to a DA investigator posing as the hit man. Hand asked the man he thought was a killer to murder the witness and the witness's family, so police couldn't connect the hit back to him. Cold! Now the guy who once ran A.F.G. is not only serving eight-and-a-half to 25-years for mortgage fraud, he's on the hook for conspiracy to commit first and second-degree murder. The businessman-gone-wrong motif kind of reminds us of a real-life Breaking Bad, only Hand is far less savvy than Walter White and we seriously doubt we'd like him as much.

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