How the Deported American Teen Spent Her Time in Colombia

The teen who accidentally got deported to Colombia spent a lot of time doing what lots of American teens do: talk about drugs, sex and boredom. 

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The teen who accidentally got deported to Colombia spent a lot of time doing what lots of American teens do: talk about drugs, sex and boredom. Since her arrival in Bogota last April, Jakadrien Turner had an active Facebook and Twitter presence, where she goes by the name of TiKa SoloToolonq. She runs an intentionally vulgar Twitter feed -- in her bio she promises "Good Mature EXPLICIT TWEETS" -- and an equally uncensored Facebook wall.  But between the waxings on male genitalia size, we can also get a sense of how Turner lived for the last eight months.

When Turner wasn't on various social media platforms, her work information indicates that she held a few jobs. In June, she started as an agent" at Convergys, an outsourcing company, working there through September, when she switched to another outsourcing job at a similar company, Teleperformance. She also mentions a few odd-jobs such as a $20-an-hour maid position, some $15-per-hour translation work, and employment at an "airplane company." Maybe that's what she relied on as income before the outsourcing job came along in June.

While she discussed missing her home and family on Twitter and Facebook, in late September she also posted an album called " happy 4 once, in the Mountains," of her with what looks like a group of Colombian women. She never discussed the deportation. Though, she often alluded to missing home and a "weird situation."

But like many 15-year-olds, Turner spent a lot of time complaining of boredom. As far back as May 26th and as recently as September 28, Turner updated her Facebook status about the monotony of her Colombian life. For example, September 28: "Bored AS FUCK." September 26: "bout to hit up the park bored man...."  And on Twitter we see the same sentiment.

And like many a bored teen, she spent a lot of time talking about all the sex she wished she had and the drugs she supposedly did.

Drugs example:

And sex:

Considering she spent many of her Tweets complaining about the single life, it's not surprising that the boredom posts stop as soon as she gets a boyfriend, Alejandro Yoel Almeida Cisneros -- who looks like an adult; Turner is 15. The two started dating on October 26. Looks like they had an office romance, as Cisneros also works at Teleperformance. Though they had a brief breakup, they got back together on November 15 and are still listed as "in a relationship" on Facebook. "Well bak in a relationship with same man I broke up with, lol! I love him dearly tho!!!! I think that will never happen, mae that mistake of oing that, beause he show me that he is serious with me, an so on, so ok lol!!!!!" Turner wrote on her wall. Presumably he's the father of her maybe child.

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