Everything Sunny All The Time Always

Here in New York, Officer Friendly loves everyone. But sometimes he has to use his outside voice when talking to Muslim people:

Since August, an Associated Press investigation has revealed a vast NYPD intelligence-collecting effort targeting Muslims following the terror attacks of September 2001. Police have conducted surveillance of entire Muslim neighborhoods, chronicling every aspect of daily life, including where people eat, pray and get their hair cut. Police infiltrated dozens of mosques and Muslim student groups and investigated hundreds more.

I think Muslim people should be happy Officer Friendly is watching the most minute details of their life. When Officer Friendly is on patrol, nothing bad ever happens! Just ask Spanish people:

They were known as Miller's Boys, police officers who worked the 4-to-midnight shift, patrolling the largely working-class town of East Haven, Conn., including the small but growing Hispanic community that has spread out in recent years from New Haven. The officers were more than well known in that community; according to residents and federal authorities, they were feared. 

They stopped and detained people, particularly immigrants, without reason, federal prosecutors said, sometimes slapping, hitting or kicking them when they were handcuffed, and once smashing a man's head into a wall. They followed and arrested residents, including a local priest, who tried to document their behavior. 

They rooted through stores looking for damning security videotapes of how they had treated some of their targets, described by one of them on a police radio as having "drifted to this country on rafts made of chicken wings." 

And after it became known that the Justice Department was investigating the department, according to an indictment unsealed on Tuesday, a picture of a rat appeared on a police union bulletin board, and in the locker room, an ominous note: "You know what we do with snitches?"

Silly newspaper person! Officer Friendly helps snitches understand how to use their powers responsibly. Only angry swarthy people intimidate witnesses. 

Officer Friendly's only problem is that no one loves America like he loves America. So when we heard that Officer Friendly said mean things about Muslim people, we knew it had to be an honest mistake

The New York City police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, through a top aide, acknowledged for the first time on Tuesday that he personally cooperated with the filmmakers of "The Third Jihad" -- a decision the commissioner now describes as a mistake...

Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne told The New York Times on Monday that the filmmakers had relied on old interview clips and had never spoken with the commissioner. On Tuesday, the film's producer, Raphael Shore, e-mailed The Times and provided a date and time for their 90-minute interview with the commissioner at Police Headquarters on March 19, 2007. 

Told of this e-mail, Mr. Browne revised his account. "He's right," Mr. Browne said Tuesday of the producer. "In fact, I recommended in February 2007 that Commissioner Kelly be interviewed." In an e-mail, Mr. Browne said that when he first saw the film in 2011, he assumed the commissioner's interview was taken from old clips, even though the film referred to Mr. Kelly as an "interviewee." 

He did not offer an explanation as to why he and the commissioner, on Tuesday, remembered so much of their decision.

I wish bad people would stop hurting Officer Friendly with questions. Officer Friendly only wants to protect us against people with names that don't like America. I know that Officer Friendly has dedicated his life to saving mine, and that is all the explanation I need. 

Can it be sunny hug time now?