Connecticut Police Chief to Retire After Racial Profiling Scandal

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The head of the East Haven, Conn., police department will step down instead of face firing after four of his officers got arrested by the F.B.I. for harassing Latinos. Following the investigation and arrest of the officers, East Haven officials have drawn national attention for one gaffe after another, most notably when Mayor Joseph Maturo said he'd eat tacos to smooth things over. The  chief's retirement looks like an attempt to halt the town's embarrassment.

The chief, Leonard Gallo, had been suspended while the F.B.I. investigated the allegations that officers in the town targeted Latinos for harassment, the Associated Press reports. But the mayor reinstated him when he took office in November. Gallo "apparently has been referred to as an unnamed co-conspirator in the federal indictment, accused of blocking efforts by the police commission to investigate misconduct," though his lawyer denies the allegations. Now, as the town's police commission prepares to vote on firing Gallo, the chief took the initiative and decided to retire Feb. 10. Whatever you think of his department, the chief did the town a favor by leaving before sticking his foot in his mouth like the mayor.

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