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New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has had a really tough week, but with a day and a half to go before the weekend he gets a minor respite: The only Muslim member of New York's City Council defended that anti-Muslim film used in police training. While many of his colleagues and fellow Muslims have called for Kelly to resign over the film, Harlem councilman Robert Jackson didn't join in, telling The New York Observer that he didn't find The Third Jihad offensive. "I initially thought from reading about it that it cast a negative image on all Muslims throughout the world. In my opinion it does not. It focuses on the extreme Muslims that are trying to hurt other people," Jackson told the Observer.

We imagine Kelly's relived for that tiny mercy, considering the week he's had. The Commissioner came under fire first for showing the film at all, then for lying about how frequently it was shown and his role in it. Then there was Thursday's news that his son Greg Kelly has been accused of rape.

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