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All in all, Army analysts have concluded, the prosecution of Bradley Manning hasn't gone so badly for the Army's public image. It's been a negative hit overall, but press coverage has been fair, concludes a military report that Politico's Josh Gerstein got ahold of. For each day of coverage, Army analysts and the commercial service VOCUS with which they contracted tracked how many media outlets and reporters attended, how many stories covered the day's events, and for notable events such as the expulsion of former Lt. Dan Choi, how many social media conversations took place. It used this sentence: "While the VOCUS media site listed most of the coverage of Manning as negative, the majority of the coverage of the hearing has been balanced and factual."

These are not reporters but analysts which is why, we're guessing, they told the story of a Turkish journalist who tried to sneak into the proceedings so dryly and minimally. We really want to know more about this poor guy:

Hey, it's a cut-throat business. We do feel sympathy for whatever poor sap had to call his editor way back in Turkey about that little mishap.

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