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Discovered: The science behind failed weight-loss methods; the truth about multivitamins; old people aren't slow, just careful; the one good thing about ulcers. 

  • Why it's so hard to keep lost weight off. The Biggest Loser has wowed us all with its transformational powers, turning obese humans into skinny ones. It's inspirational, really. Diet and exercise do work. But have you seen those contestants months after the show's end? They get fat again. Or at least gain some of their weight back. Researchers have now figured out why those who try so hard to lose weight gain it back. “What we see here is a coordinated defense mechanism with multiple components all directed toward making us put on weight,” researcher Joseph Proietto told The New York Times. “This, I think, explains the high failure rate in obesity treatment.” Translation: Dieting puts ones body in a state, which post-regimen triggers a "post-dieting syndrome," making these people hungrier, fixated on food and unable to keep it off. It's cruel. And no reward for starving and spinning classes. [The New York Times]
  • Multivitamins won't cure cancer. Duh. The study concludes that these pills "do nothing for our health." But only when that health has to do with cancer or heart disease. Multivitamin enthusiasts were as likely to develop those fatal diseases as placebo poppers, found London researchers. Maybe we're not big picture vitamin takers, but when we down those Centrums with OJ, it's to prevent winter flu, not lymphoma.   [The Daily Mail]
  • Old people aren't all that mentally slow. While Talking to a grandparent, it might seem like their brains are getting slower as they spew what you consider offensive political beliefs during your weekly phone chats. But, research says that's not so. Good news for Grandma: "At least in some situations, 70-year-olds may have response times similar to those of 25-year olds," explains Ohio State researcher Roger Ratcliff. When Grandpa takes forever to write down a message or type up an email, it's not because they're getting dumb, found the research. It's just that they prefer to do tasks with care. Not like your sloppy careless blogging bull-crap.  [Eureka]
  • Here's the one good thing about ulcers. Have you ever had an ulcer? It feels like there's a hole burning your stomach lining -- because that's exactly what it is. Those with these chronic H. pylori infections have a higher risk of stomach cancer and other related diseases. Not to mention constant stomach aches. But, at least now science has discovered one-upside: the bacteria eating away your insides also protects from Shigella bacteria, which causes diarrhea. That's looking at the glass half-full! [The Atlantic]

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