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Police in Long Island believe they've found the body of a young woman whose disappearance set off a search that turned up 10 bodies on a Long Island beach, thought to be the work of a serial killer. They don't think the still-at-large serial killer took the life of Shannan Gilbert, the 24-year-old sex worker who disappeared 20 months ago, but rather that she drowned after becoming entangled in marshy brambles after "fleeing a client's house in hysterics," The New York Daily News reports. Police are being careful to remind press that they'll have to make a forensic confirmation before they can definitively confirm the remains are Gilbert's, but they believe them to be. The remains were discovered in the same vicinity as her purse, identification and cell phone, which police found last week. But the site is several miles from Gilgo Beach, where searchers last spring found the bodies thought to be victims of the serial killer. 

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