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Yesterday was "Puppy Day" at George Mason's School of Law, as the university brought in a pack of adorable doggies to help stressed out students deal with the pressure of end-of-semester exams. 

This is the second time that George Mason has offered the semester-end puppy party and, obviously, it's a hit with the kids. It was probably relaxing for the dogs, too, since they were all recently rescued from euthanasia by a Virginia dog rescue foundation.

Cuddling with animals has been shown to be a proven stress reliever, which is why therapy dogs are a growing presence in hospitals, nursing homes, and even courtrooms, where they've helped young children get through difficult testimony about abuse. Yale Law School even has a registered therapy dog on call at their library. (Students can "check out" Monty for a 30-minute play date.) Given the pressure that college students finds themselves under as the crunch of exams and job hunting comes bearing down on them, any healthy distraction is a welcome addition to the end-of-year schedule.


Check out the video below and see more photos at The Washington Post.

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