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Update (Dec. 20 10:12 a.m. EST): As the Fulton Ferry Twitter account put it (via Gothamist), "the earth tilted back on its axis" Sunday as Grimaldi's new location finally worked out its standoff with the city over its pizza oven and the new location opened. The lines are back too.

Original: One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in New York City — taking a walk from Lower Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge to get a bite of pizza at Grimaldi's is no more. The famous pizzeria has been in a bit of turmoil over the last few weeks as its lease came to an end, but its plan was to move next door and have original pizzaiolo Patsy Grimaldi open a new joint in the old Grimaldi's space. But a death in the family put that plan on hold, and a stop work order has snarled progress at the new space because of an illegal wood-fired oven. Meanwhile, the old space has finally shuttered and there's no set plan to move forward, Fulton Ferry tweets, via Gothamist. It's really too bad. But there's an alternative. Gothamist points to Grimaldi's second location in Queens, but as long as you're in Brooklyn, we'd suggest jumping on the Q train and heading out to Di Fara. It' a journey, but it's well worth it. And don't let the recent run-in with the health department deter you -- it helps cuts down on the lines, unlike at Grimaldi's (photo via Flickr user Mikey loves Barcelona):













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