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A fake "Zuccotti Park" camp built for an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU quickly became the target for the real Occupy Wall Street protesters who moved in to claim the tents as their own on Thursday night. Cops quickly dispersed the crowd and the highly-realistic set (complete with library and kitchen) was torn down in the middle of the night.

The TV camp was set up in Foley Square, the downtown area surrounded by Manhattan's state and federal courthouses that became the brief home for the Occupy Wall Streeters after they were evicted from Zuccotti Park in a late-night raid last month. The Law & Order franchise is notorious for their "ripped from the headlines" story threads and is presumably building an episode around a mysterious #OWS sexual assault/murder at the protest. (Before devolving into an unrelated, but much more sinister crime, if show's usual pattern is any indication.)

Many of the protesters on Twitter noted the irony that it's apparently easier to get a permit to shoot a fake protest than it is to actually hold a really one in New York City. Thursday night's "Mockupation" was more lighthearted than most actions as protesters teased police about tearing down a television camp, but they left quietly without any arrests being made.

Meanwhile in real Occupy news, protesters in Boston — which may the longest, continually standing camp — and Phoenix faced possible eviction deadlines last night. The reports from Boston are that police decided not to evict the protesters (despite warnings from the mayor about "further action"), though some Occupiers blocked the streets around Dewey Square, turning Atlantic Avenue into an impromptu "dance party."  It was a different story in Phoenix, however, as the tents there do appear to have been torn down by police and a handful of arrests have been made.

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