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The New York Times sent the New York Police Department an e-mail this week saying they weren't happy about the NYPD's treatment of one of their photographers, and the NYPD has responded, though not to everyone's satisfaction. At an Occupy Wall Street protest in New York on Monday, a video captured police pushing New York Times-credentialed freelance photographer Robert Stolarik down the stairs then blocking him from taking photos. A New York Times lawyer sent an e-mail complaining about the incident to the department. And now The New York Observer's Drew Grant, the NYPD has responded. According to Stolarik himself:

"Yes, I believe The New York Times got a response from the NYPD press office. They said they were 'looking into disciplinary measures' for one of the officers. But I don't know which officer ... if it was the one who pushed me down the stairs, the one who backed me up with a baton, or the one who blocked all my shots."

His comment is rather awesome in its not-so-subtle expression of dissatisfaction with the department's response. Then again, neither he nor The Observer  sound all that surprised by the less-than-robust investigation.

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