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NBC correspondent Jay Gray was trying to be a good journalist, going over to the home of dirtbag lawyer Joe Amendola to score an exclusive interview with other dirtbag Jerry Sandusky, the ex-Penn State coach accused of raping boys, but ended up with a DUI arrest instead. Not only did Gray apparently not land that exclusive, but while watching the thrilling New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys matchup on December 11 got "really drunk," according to a source for TMZ, then drove home, and was arrested for a DUI by Pennsylvania police at around 1:45 a.m.. "Amendola invited reporters from other media outlets as well, all of whom were vying for an exclusive interview with Sandusky." The whole episode is a window into the bizarre world of TV news booking, where producers often have to get chummy with monsters (or the lawyers that represent them), but this one is strange since NBC's already landed a Sandusky exclusive, with Bob Costas giving the alleged child molester enough rope that one would think Sandusky (and his lawyer) would have given up on TV interviews by now.

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