Drug Tunnels, Bad Gas Deals, and Puppies Who Need Therapy

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Top Stories: Even as employment starts to come back, most of the people who lost their jobs in the last few years have failed to recover and may never get back to previous income levels. Millions of Americans have given drilling leases to oil and gas companies, but many find that the contracts are confusing, onerous and leave homeowners cleaning up the mess.

World: Drug smuggling tunnels leading from Tijuana to the United States are an elaborate and sophisticated marvel of engineering.

Science: Law students may need puppy therapy, but in the military, its the dogs that need help after serving in wars and coming home with PTSD.

U.S.: Residents in Virginia are fighting over whether a potential uranium mine, the only one in the eastern U.S., should be tapped. New York governor Andrew Cuomo's support for same-sex marriage has won him a lot of fans and huge donations from all over the country.

Sports: A behind-the-scenes timeline of how Bobby Valentine became the new Red Sox manager, a fact many fans are still coming to terms with.

Politics: Herman Cain is just the latest self-proclaimed "outsider" promising to shake up Washington and failing miserably. Meanwhile, Republicans still can't get behind Mitt Romney.

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