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Update 10:46 a.m.: Virginia state police are confirming this morning at a press conference that the gunman at yesterday's shootings at Virginia Tech in fact took his own life, but have yet to give his or her name or other identifying information just yet. "Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller says the gunman ran from the scene and changed clothes before killing himself in a parking lot a half-mile away," reports the AP. Police say that no students at the school have come forward saying the gunman threatened them and that they couldn't confirm the deceased suspect was the killer for some time. When asked if this seemingly random shooting had occurred at any college except Virginaa Tech, university president Charles W. Steger told reporters "I don't believe you'd be here if that wasn't the case." He added: "I don't believe that I feel any less safe than on any other campus."

Original story 10:31 a.m.: According to the reports from the AP, Reuters, and The New York Times, police today can confirm that the same gun was used to kill both campus cop Deriek W. Crouse and an unidentified second person, but investigators still will not call the incident a murder-suicide. All the AP is able to say is that "Virginia Tech says the gunman who shot a campus policeman to death and then apparently killed himself was not a student at the university." The Times is even more hesitant, writing that "It was unclear, however, whether his wound was self-inflicted." Though it looks like Virginia police will offer definitive confirmation soon, another big lingering question remains: What was the guman's motive? "At this point, we haven't been able to establish any kind of immediate connection between the officer and the shooter," a state police spokesperson told the AP last night. "That's obviously something that's being looked into." That's something that might be weighing the heaviest on the minds of Hokies as they held a vigil for the deceased last night.

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