Bono, Living Room Politics, and Florida's Punishment for Immigrant Children

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Top Stories: Face-to-face, "press the flesh" campaigning is dying out, because candidates spend all their free time on TV. Bizarre labor laws mean that even companies in India must outsource their employment to other Indian companies. Florida is forcing college students, U.S. citizens born and raised in the state, to pay out-of-state tuition unless they can prove that their parents are in the U.S. legally.

World: Britain closes its Iranian embassy, complicating matters in the effort to stop their nuclear program.

Opinion: On World AIDS Day, U2's Bono praises America for its efforts to fight the disease.

Science: DNA sequencing is becoming cheap and easy, which means scientists have so much they data they can't handle it all.

U.S.: Californians may finally be willing to vote for unprecedented tax increases to solve its budget crisis. Over-educated, underemployed literary grads are starting their own clubs and literary journals, since no one will pay them to work in the business.

Shopping: Holiday shopping has become a "mercenary" activity with most people just telling others what they want (usually gift cards or cash) instead of waiting for other to find them a personal gift.

Books: The 10 best books of 2011.

Obituaries: Judy Lewis, the child of a long-ago Hollywood scandal, who did not learn until she was an adult that her biological parents were Loretta Young and Clark Gable, a fact her mother refused to acknowledge publicly, even until her death.

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