Zuccotti Lung, Jack is Back, and a Heart-Tugging Love Story

A summary of the best reads found behind the paywall of The New York Times.

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Now that The New York Times pay wall is live, you only get 20 free clicks a month. For those worried about hitting their limit, we're taking a look through the paper each morning to find the stories that can make your clicks count.

Top Reads: Another behind the scenes story on Penn State, shows how Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett was put in precarious position by the scandal. As attorney general in 2009, he initiated the grand jury investigation that led to Jerry Sandusky's arrest. Now, as governor, he's a de facto member of the university board. That means he had to participate in discussions, knowing things he legally couldn't share. Also: A real weeper about a married couple, both with cerebral palsy, who truly believed in "till death do us part."

U.S.: "Zuccotti Lung" suggests that Occupy Wall Street camps are a disease outbreak waiting to happen. As the Armed Forces pull out of Iraq, officers have to decide what mementos to take home and what to leave behind.

Business: Retail stores have gotten so aggressive with their Black Friday sales that they've pushed into Thanksgiving evening, and bargain shoppers may have finally had enough. How accounting rules that banks pushed for to keep their assets vague, are coming back to bite them now that they need to prove their creditworthiness.

Crime: How an undercover operation was undermined by bad hair. Undercover cops wouldn't go into a barber shop to collect evidence becaue the barber (also an undercover cop) gave lousy haircuts.

Science: Asian carp panic has died out in the Great Lakes, but the problem is far from over.

Arts: A review of Hugh Jackman's new, but old-school, Broadway showcase.

Sports: Manny Pacquiao is such huge draw, he can single-handedly change the economy of Las Vegas. (For one weekend, anyway.)

Real Estate: Urban architects are rethinking housing in a world where the traditional nuclear family is less and less prevalent. New York's bike lane battle has happened before... when people invented cars.

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