You Have a Higher Approval Rating Than Jesus, Lincoln, and Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, Ghandi, Jesus, or Wisconsin's Jesus, Aaron Rodgers, are all pretty popular with Americans, just not more popular than "yourself." Public Policy Polling challenged themselves with a seemingly impossible task: Can anyone top Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers's 89% popularity rating in the state of Wisconsin. They found three people that topped that could beat him: Abraham Lincoln at 91 percent and Jesus Christ at 90 percent. But the third and most popular person in America is "yourself": 

As impressive as Jesus and Lincoln's numbers are, the person Americans expressed the highest opinion of in our poll is ... themselves.  We asked the question 'Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of yourself?' and 93% gave themselves a positive rating to only 1% with a negative one.  We are a psychologically healthy nation ... or an arrogant one ... you can probably argue that whichever way you want.

A 93 percent approval rating easily beat out the likes of Santa Claus (67 percent), Martin Luther King Jr. (74 percent), Nelson Mandela (64 percent) and Mohandas Gandhi (64 percent), Mother Theresa (83 percent) and Steve Jobs ( 62 percent). Rainbows and ponies withdrew their names from the contest after hearing how poorly Santa Claus was faring. 

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