Who Was Flying the Mysterious, Drug-Filled Ghost Plane Found in Texas?

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A small plane skidded off a runway at an airport near Houston last night, but when police arrived on the scene to conduct a rescue they found a damaged aircraft filled with marijuana and no pilot.

The accident happened around 7 p.m. local time on Monday. The small private airport in Brookshire, Texas, doesn't have a control tower and the small two-engine prop plane (not pictured!) was not scheduled to land there. The plane's landing gear was damaged, but it's not clear if that happened as a result of the rough landing or if the plane was forced down because of the damage. Police say they have no idea where the plane came from or who the drugs belong to, but police say it was "a lot more than just personal use."

The fact that there was no pilot discovered leads to a couple of possibilities. Drug runners, probably coming from Mexico, crashed the plane in an emergency landing then hightailed it into the woods before the police could arrive. Or robot kingpins are using self-operating drone aircraft to hook the American populace on mind-altering substances that will turn us into a dazed and confused slave army for our new machine overlords. Either way, humans are in trouble.

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