A Weekend of Earthquakes Startles Oklahoma

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The largest quake struck Saturday night, a magnitude 5.6 that was the largest in state history. A 4.0 quake followed this morning, near Oklahoma City.

Damage from the earthquake was minor, early reports said. Windows shattered and items fell from store shelves, but residents were taking the incident in stride. 

There is Midwestern stoicism on display in this report from ABC News:

Oklahoma resident Dustin Woods said he was startled by quake.

"You could kinda feel the house quivering a little bit and I think we all took notice of it, and dismissed it, and then it got quite a bit louder," Woods said. "You could kinda hear the glass and the windows rattling and we all paused for an instant, then I just said earthquake! And we got a kick out of it."

Lisa Helm, a store clerk in Chandler, Okla. said only a few things fell from the shelves at her business.

"A couple bottles of shampoo and some peanut butter that was about it," she said.

The state had experienced a series of much smaller earthquakes in the preceding days, but hadn't had a temblor as large as Saturday night's since a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in 1952.

CNN reports that the quake "buckled" three sections of a highway in Lincoln County. A boulder rolled onto another highway. And one man was hurt when he tried to run out of his house during the quake, tripped, fell and hit his head against a wall. The injuries were minor.

From the National Weather Service, radar shows birds and insects taking flight en masse after the quake.

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