Watch a Drunk Banker Try and Fail to Fight Some Protesters

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Everybody's been waiting for the expletive-filled YouTube video that sums up the standoff between the 99-Percenters and the 1-Percenters down on Wall Street. Found it. Filmed with what appears to be the world's worst cell phone camera, the three-and-a-half minute long confused, voice-cracking tirade of a besuited banker-type who according to the cameraman was "drinking out of a brown bag (which he smashes on the ground a few seconds in)" and according to the tone of his voice was very, very angry about the hippies who've been occupying Zuccotti Park for the past two months. Highlights worth watching out for: the banker-type's failed effort to tear up an Occupy Wall Street poster, the banker-type's taunting of elderly men and the banker-type's many attempts to get violent with the peace-loving protesters. The occupiers' "We love you!" chant to calm things down is a meme in-the-making.

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