Video Catches a Crazy Guy Picking a Fight in Zuccotti Park

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The New York Post got more ammunition for its thesis that violent, homeless criminals have hijacked the Occupy Wall Street protests, after an unstable man kicked down tents looking for a fight in New York's encampment.

The incident was caught on tape as Jeremy Cinch, a possibly homeless, probably ill man from Cleveland, stomped around Zuccotti Park in the early morning hours yesterday, screaming at other protesters asleep in the tents.

The typically hysterical Post described it as a "Godzilla-like violent rampage," but as the video shows it was more like a crazy guy yelling at people and then getting knocked down by the first guy who stood up to him. (A not-that-rare occurence in Manhattan parks, unfortunately.)

After the fight, however, it wasn't clear who the real crazy person was. Recai Iskender, the Turkish immigrant who took down Cinch told the camera that he believed the instigator was a "Bloomberg agent" sent to the park to cause trouble. It seems no one who visits Occupy Wall Street is immune to conspiracy theories.

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