There's a Man with a Gun in the Building that Controls All GPS Satellites

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An Air Force airman, armed with his own pistol, has barricaded himself in "a building at an Air Force base in Colorado that controls all GPS satellites" but so far there have been no disruptions to the satellite operations, the Associated Press reports.* The base's spokesperson said the building was evacuated, no shots have been fired, and local law enforcement, including a negotiator, have responded to the scene. They report, "The gunman faces a discharge over a matter in civilian court, but no other details were available, said Air Force Lt. Marie Denson," The AP also reports that, "Control rooms for GPS and other military satellites are in a heavily protected inner compound surrounded by fences and staffed with armed guards," though they don't say whether the airman has made it past those defenses, and officials haven't yet said how the airman snuck his weapon into the building. Let's all hope for an uneventful resolution to the stand-off. 

*This post earlier stated that the airman had barricaded himself in a "room" from which GPS satellites are controlled, but the Associated Press reported that he is in a "building" at the base where the satellites are controlled. Our post has been changed to reflect this and we regret the error. 


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