Sirhan Sirhan's Lawyers Say He Was A 'Hypnotized' Patsy Who Didn't Kill Robert Kennedy

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Forty-one years after he was convicted for the murder of Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan's lawyers have filed a new appeal claiming that he's the victim of a setup and that he didn't fire the shots that killed the Senator. The filing includes a new report that claims to show through "sophisticated" audio tests that there were 13 shots (more than could be held in Sirhan's pistol) fired from multiple guns that night, as well as a further claim that one of the bullets taken from Kennedy's body was switched out before the trial, because it did not match his gun.

The lawyers, William Pepper (whose previous clients include Martin Luther King's murderer James Earl Ray) and Laurie Dusek also repeat an earlier claim that Sirhan was "hypno-programmed" to fire his gun as a diversion that allowed the real killers to assassinate Kennedy on the night of the California Democratic primary in 1968. Sirhan confessed to the crime before his trial, but now says he has no memory of ever shooting Kennedy.

Sirhan, who is now 67, was denied parole in March, although parole officials said "he doesn’t understand the enormity of his crime." His lawyers want the case set aside and Sirhan released so that he can be deported to Jordan.

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