Pepper-Spraying Shopper Turns Herself In

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We've already written about some of this year's more insane incidents of Black Friday Mayhem, but there's one particular incident that probably stuck out to you: the woman in a suburban Los Angeles Walmart, who was so caught up in the shopping spirit that she thought it would be a good idea to pepper-spray 20 of her fellow shoppers in pursuit of an Xbox.

Now, getting good deals can be a thrill (and important in the current economic climate), but in a year where it's impossible to not hear about how extremely unpleasant, maybe even awful, getting pepper-sprayed can be, you'd have thought this shopper would have shown some restraint. Unfortunately she didn't and authorities were already trying to find her yesterday. Luckily, she's saved them the trouble and turned herself in.

The woman, whose name is not being made public, turned herself into a police station in the city of Northridge last night. Released on her own recognizance, authorities have yet to decide what the woman will be charged with. Police Sergeant Jose Valle said that if prosecutors choose to pursue the case, she could be charged with battery.

Unfortunately, the woman's actions were not the most intense of the night in California, as a man was critically shot at a Walmart--yes, another one--near Oakland.

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