Party Pics for Occupy Wall Street's Hangover

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Waking up from a big news day like Thursday is a little like waking up with a hangover: The images of the night are still swirling around, but you're not quite ready to put the whole thing into a narrative yet. Instead, you grab your coffee and groggily click around for party pictures online. After the nationwide Occupy protests stretched into the night in cities around the country, we've compiled a few of the stand-out images from the protests we missed while obsessing about the massive N17 march in New York

In Portland, Oregon, the harsh response by police dominated coverage, spurred by images like this one from the Oregonian, which captured a stream of pepper spray hitting a woman in her open mouth. The hard stance by police contrasted with images of them enforcing the law in a very Portland-esque manner, with their bicycles (photo via Reuters):

In Seattle, with its "deep tradition of protest theater," activists displayed a massive recreation of the Constitution as they marched over University Bridge (photo via AP):

Occupy Los Angeles, wary of an impending eviction of what may be the largest occupy encampment in the country, brought its tents with it during Thursday's huge march (photo via Reuters):

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The climax of the occupation in Chicago was when protesters sat down on the busy LaSalle Bridge, stopping traffic (photo via Reuters): 

Boston got a visit from Russel Simmons, who usually makes his appearances at Occupy Wall Street (via Simons's Lockerz):

Occupy Cal got creative in its circumvention of a campus ban on pitching tents, by floating the tents above Sproul Plaza (photo via Zunguzhungu):

And in New York, the projected "99%" that appeared on the sides of downtown buildings juxtaposed with harsh images of police subduing protesters earlier in the day (photo via AP):

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