Over 15 Occupy Wall Streeters Arrested Outside Goldman Sachs

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Not to be totally outdone by their peers in Oakland, over 15 Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested today after they linked arms to block the lobby to the Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York. About 300 protesters marched out of their base camp at Zuccotti Park toward the bank's building eight blocks away, chanting "Goldman Sucks," reports the New York Daily News. This marks the second time they've marched on the bank in as many days, as a group marched there Wednesday when they received word that George W. Bush was inside the building. (They never interacted with him.) The Daily News report makes it sound like quite the scene:

The NYPD didn’t move in until about 15 protesters sat down and linked arms, blocking the lobby entrance. 

As they were arrested, onlookers chanted “shame!” and "the criminals are inside!"

There were some scuffles as cops dragged the protesters away, handcuffed them with flex-ties and put them in a police van.

One young man yelled out, “this is only helping our movement!"

Today's arrests are certainly not the first for the New York-based movement. They come after an evening of clashes with police in the sister protest at Occupy Oakland as well as comments from Mayor Bloomberg that reveal his increasing impatience with the group. 

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