Occupy Scott Walker, the YouTube Video

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Wisconsin governor Scott Walker received some unexpected and very vocal visitors during his recent speaking engagement at Chicago's Union League Club. On Thursday, A team of 99 Percenters from Stand Up! Chicago who had somehow elbowed their way into the glitzy ballroom in the ritzy social club, where the event took place and interrupted Walker only moments into his speech with the phrase that probably sent a chill down his spine: "Mic Check!" The video hit YouTube on Friday afternoon, and we can't understand a word that Scott Walker says. The the speech given over the human microphone is pretty meaty, though. The end is the best:

The bottom line is that Governor Walker
is out of touch with America
and working people will not honor
anyone seeking to undermine our lives
for the benefit of the 1%.
Union busting is disgusting.
We are the 99%.

The last two lines gets italics because it had the entire room on their feet, pumping their fists, repeating that phrase. It's a testament to the hosts of the event that they let the protesters finish their speech. Then again, it would've been hard to silence the majority of the room that was participating.

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