Occupy L.A. Will Go to Court to Stave Off Eviction

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After not being cleared out of their encampment near City Hall last night by the Los Angeles Police Department, Occupy LA protesters will now be filing a court injunction to allow them to stay put at the park and not be eventually cleared away by police. The move, they hope, will allow them more than just temporary reprieve from their tent-filled encampment. The city, however, doesn't seem to be budging from its position, and may not be swayed by a court document that, according to The Los Angeles Times,  "accuses the city of engaging in 'arbitrary and capricious action in violation of the 1st and 14th Amendments by first approving the Occupy presence for 56 days before suddenly revoking permission through the unilateral action of defendants.'" Even though the police did not clear out the park, Mayor Villaraigosa still clearly stated in a Monday morning TV interview that "We will enforce the park closure." As far as the injunction, a similar-seeming argument didn't work for Zuccotti Park protesters who wanted to keep tent-camping at the movement's epicenter.

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