New Allegations, Investigations Arise Against Jerry Sandusky

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Children and Youth Services in Pennsylvania have opened two new cases of alleged child abuse against former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky that could be the first involving children who are currently minors. According to the report by The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, the cases were opened within the last 60 days and Children and Youth Services would only be invovled if the victim was currently under 18. The other alleged victims to come forward in the Sandusky case are now adults.

Sandusky is officially charged with abuse crimes involving eight victims so far, but more accusers have come forward due to the publicity of the case. This latest report comes during a week in which Sandusky's boss, Joe Paterno, has come under fire for seeking special treatment for Penn State football players who were accused of crimes and another report that ex-university president Graham Spanier may have rebuffed a man who accused another Penn State teacher of sexual assault. Paterno and Sapnier have not been accused of any crimes, but both have faced heavy criticism for not doing more to stop Sandusky's alleged abuse.

Sandusky's attorney, Joe Amendola, says the new claims are simply "copycat allegations" they can refute, but Amendola has not inspired confidence in his ability to defend his client, given some of his bizarre and unhelpful appearances in the media. A judge ordered the lawyer to stop using the name of one of the victims in hearings and court documents after word came out that one of Sandusky's accusers was being bullied in his high school.

Finally, this latest news won't be much help to Gerry Sandusky, a Baltimore sportscaster who is still dealing with a constant barrage of confused and angry Twitter followers. That's Gerry with a "G" and they aren't the same guy, so please stop accusing him of abusing children, dumb people.

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