The Lonely Face of Occupy Atlanta

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The single Occupy Atlanta protester pictured above was arrested after ignoring a curfew order last night, as the ongoing tug of war between police and demonstrators continued over the weekend.

Woodruff Park had been the epicenter of Atlanta's ongoing protests until Mayor Kasim Reed revoked an executive order that allowed protestors to sleep in the park overnight. This unidentified 23-year-old woman was the only person to violate the 11 p.m. curfew in the park on Sunday night and she was arrested shortly after this shot was taken. Four others were arrested near the park, but mostly for traffic violations.

The day before, 19 people were arrested after a rally turned into a clash with riot police. Protesters say they will continue to try and occupy the park, which could set the stage for more arrests this week. 

One of the organizers of Occupy Atlanta told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that one protester can be just as powerful as several, but the truth is that the lone holdout is actually more powerful image of all. If the Occupiers are savvy, they will seize on this photo, identify the woman in it, and make her the symbol of their movement.

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