Hanson, Now Very Much Over-21, Brews a Beer Called 'MmmHop'

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Though it's not the career move we would have predicted, Hanson, that trio of pre-pubescent brothers who hit it big in 1997 with "Mmmbop" has gone into the beer brewing business. And they've come up with an oh-so-clever name for their new beer -- so clever that we're highly suspicious that they actually brewed a beer solely to fit the already-conceived pun: Mmmhop. That's right, when Hanson hit it big, they were so young, one could plausibly think that the lyrics of their catchy chorus "Mmmbop ba ba doo bop" were actually just their toddler-speak attempt at the English language. But now they are very much over-21 (Zac is 26, Isaac 28, and Taylor 31), married, and marketing beer. The beer will be an IPA, reports The Huffington Post, which makes sense since they'll need to deliver on the hops promised in the name. In other news, Hanson has apparently released seven follow-up albums to their breakout hit. Who knew? (Just kidding. This writer totally knew.) 

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