Getting Rid of Fat Truckers, Cheap Cigarettes, and "Cancer" Cells

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Top Stories: A look at the career of Penn State's deposed president Graham Spanier, including a new claim that he ignored a sexual assault accusation made against a PSU professor, indicating a pattern of the school "closing ranks" to protect its own. The informant who helped bring down accused terrorist Jose Pimental may not have the best police source, leading the suspect on and taping confessions after getting high with him.

Opinion: David Brooks says that Democrats and Republicans have been deadlocked for so long that both parties have become minority parties, unable to compromise and mired in their worst habits.

Health: A push is onto make truck drivers lead healthier lives, which is not an easy thing to do when your life is on the road. Does the term "cancer" even make sense anymore? Some doctors are wondering if the term is so broad and changing as to have lost all meaning.

Local: New York City is going after tobacco shops that skirt the city's $5.85 per pack cigarette tax, by allowing customers to buy the loose tobacco and make the cigarettes themselves, on-site. After an elevated railway was turned into NYC's hottest park, other developers are attempting the same trick with an abandoned subway tunnel.

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Business: Layoffs are hitting Wall Street hard, but those affected probably aren't getting much sympathy.

Arts: Reviewed: Rhianna's "lively" new album, a cultural biography of Rome, and a two-person Broadway show by Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin. Planking is still a thing, apparently. A classic "behind the Times" cultural piece

BONUS: Errol Morris has made an interesting video about the "Umbrella Man" who figures prominently in Kennedy Assassination conspiracy theories.

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