Gabby Giffords May Appear in Her First Interview

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Gabrielle Giffords hasn't spoken publicly since the Tucson shooting, but in a little under two weeks, we just might hear from her. ABC released its preview of Diane Sawyer's special, which should include the first interview with Giffords since the tragedy in Arizona, set to air November 14--the week Giffords's memoir, Gabby, is released--and it features a few clips of Giffords. Back in September, when ABC first touted the interview, it was still unclear whether or not Giffords would speak on camera. "Congresswoman Giffords has not decided if she's going to conduct an on-camera interview," said Mark Kimble, her spokesman in a Tucson Sentinel report. Kimble said that Sawyer will interview her astronaut husband Mark Kelly on camera, and "sit down and talk with Mark and Gabby" off camera. But the preview released shows Giffords and Kelly sitting next to each other on a couch with the rest of the staples of an ABC exclusive are there: soft-focus lighting, smiling close-ups, and lots of Diane Sawyer.

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