Chancellor Decides That Others, Not Her, Need to Leave UC Davis

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Although UC Davis has decided to put its police chief and two pepper-spraying officiers on leave, the school's chancellor says she's not going to budge -- despite silent and not-so-silent calls for her resignation. In a televised interview on Good Morning America, chancellor Linda Katehi said that she doesn't deserve to be thrown under the bus because the university still needs her steering it. "I really feel confident at this point the university needs me," she told George Stephanopoulos. She continued: "I really want to work with members of our community, the staff and the faculty to take our institution out of this crisis." She wants, however, to "take our institution out of this crisis" by making others take leave. "UC Davis placed Police Chief Annette Spicuzza on administrative leave Monday in the wake of controversy over the pepper-spraying," reports the Los Angeles Times this morning, a decision which it says was Katehi's. The pepper-spraying officiers caught on video this weekend were put on leave yesterday. Meanwhile, the University of California system as a whole will "convene a meeting of all 10 campus chancellors to discuss 'how to ensure proportional law-enforcement response to nonviolent protest.'" reports The Chronicle of Higher Education. Take a look at Katehi defend herself on ABC below.

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