Brooklyn Now Has Its Own Bee

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It's a convergence of two long-time New York Times crushes: Brooklyn and Bees.  "Four new species of bee have been identified in the New York region, and one of them, discovered in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, has been given the mellifluous yet gritty name Lasioglossum gotham," reports The Times' City Room blog.  Is it artisanal? Is it a hipster? Does it buy local? Gotham (pictured above) was one of the newly-discovered bees sent to Cornell for identification. "All the bees described by Dr. Gibbs are sweat bees, which get some of their nourishment from lapping sweat off the bodies of humans and other animals, though they primarily feed on pollen and nectar from flowers."  Nourished from the sweat of skinny-jeans, artists, and locavores and everything the New York Times loves about Brooklyn? Yum. 

Photo credit: Jason Gibbs/Cornell 



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