Bloomberg Cites Concerns About Crime in Zuccotti Park

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Today, Mayor Bloomberg reportedly hinted at what could be used as tipping point for clearing Zuccotti Park: crime at the encampment. In remarks reported by The New York Observer, Bloomberg addressed concerns of crime at the park by both acknowledging that protesters have a legitimate right to protest (even though they may be targeting the wrong people) and assuaged concerns from area small businesses and families that he has previously said that the Occupy Wall Street protests are "hurting." He's asked something to this effect seemingly everyday, and this was his latest response on  Zuccotti Park: 

Mayor Bloomberg was also asked whether he will try to evict Occupy Wall Street or whether he plans to let the protesters remain in Zuccotti Park.

"This administration will take appropriate steps whenever we think are appropriate to keep this city safe and, at the same time, to protect people's right to protest. The right to protest, people say, 'I, oh I understand it, but…' There's no but. There's no 'but' when it comes to the right to express yourself. There is, however, a complimentary interest that society has and that's to make everybody safe and to let multiple people express their points of view, not just one group."

Judging from The Observer quotes above, Bloomberg didn't seem to rule out any course of action.

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