A Timeline of Today's Black Friday Mayhem

America is ringing in the holidays with shootings, scuffles, and pepper spray

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Across the country Friday, deal-hungry Americans lined up to take advantage of retailers' early-morning, post-Thanksgiving discounts. While the majority of shoppers were able to stock up and without pushing, shoving and pepper spraying their fellow man, some were not as restrained. For those curious about who didn't make it out on Black Friday -- or just made it home safely -- we've assembled a timeline of the evening's uglier incidents.

12:01 a.m. EST Two shoppers at a Walmart in Rome, New York ended up in the hospital, while another was charged with disorderly conduct minutes after customers were allowed the enter the store's electronics section. The Syracuse Post-Standard says "several fights" broke out and multiple shoppers were pushed to the ground in front of the store's cell phone display. According to Oneida County Sheriff's office, others could be charged in the incident once the security tape is reviewed.[Syracuse.com]

"Around" 12:30 a.m. EST Impatient shoppers broke into the Hollister store in SoHo, apparently because they were sick of waiting in line. At least that's according to the "clique of teenage eyewitnesses assembled outside the American Eagle Outfitters across the street." The NYPD confirmed the robbery, saying the store would not be open early morning business. [The New York Observer]

"About" 1 a.m. EST A man at a Walmart in Kissimmee, Florida was charged with resisting arrest after cops arrived to break up a fight he was having with another shopper at the store's jewelry counter. Officers reportedly had to wrestle him to the ground after he resisted their efforts to lead him out of the store.  [Palm Beach Post]

1:10 a.m EST 20 shoppers at a Walmart in the San Fernando Valley had to be treated for injuries after a woman fired off pepper spray multiple times. Los Angeles Fire Captain James Carson says the woman was "competitive shopping" and was apparently attempting to "gain preferred access to a variety of locations in the store." [Los Angeles Times]

1:13 a.m. EST A 58-year-old woman was shot in the foot during a mugging in the parking lot of a Walmart in Myrtle Beach. The two suspects ended up getting away with the woman's purse, but not before the victim's shopping companion "went into the vehicle and grabbed a gun out of the center console" and "fired 2 or 3 warning shots in the air." [The Myrtle Beach Herald]

"Shortly after" 2 a.m. EST Police are looking for two suspects who allegedly opened fire on a shopper at a mall in Fayetteville, North Carolina According to detectives, the first suspect fired shots at the victim near the entrance to the outdoor food court and a second person chased the intended target into the mall and fired more shots at him near the entrance to Macy's. [WTVD]

"Shortly before" 3 a.m. EST West Des Moines police responded to "a call of shots fired" in the parking lot of the Valley West Mall, which was set to open. The cops won't say whether they've identified a victim or a suspect, but are saying the mall is safe for shoppers. [WHO 13]

"Around" 4:05 a.m. EST "Three or four" suspects reportedly approached a group of shoppers in the parking lot of a Walmart in San Leandro, California and demanded they hand over their purchases. They refused, and one of the suspects to open fire, hitting one shopper, who is currently in critical but stable condition. According to a police spokesman, the non-injured shoppers managed to "detain" one of the suspects for police. [Los Angeles Times]

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