The Arab Autumn, Turkey Movies, and the Battle for Starbucks Toilets

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Top Story: Egypt's revolution has stalled, because those in charge of leading the country from Hosni Mubarak to democracy are simply holdovers from his era who are unfit to lead.

World: The Arab Spring has emboldened Hamas as they prepare for upcoming negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

U.S.: The Pentagon is so busy fighting the proposed spending cuts brought on by the supercommitee failure, that they haven't even bothered to come with plan for implementing them. The number of potential White House judicial nominees deemed "unqualified" by the American Bar Association exceeds the total number rejected under both Presidents Clinton and Bush. The war for Starbucks' "public" bathrooms continues between the public and angry baristas who have to clean up after them.

Technology: Caller ID is becoming less effective as telemarketers and tricksters are learning to beat the system.

Science: A new idea for agriculture: agroforestry, or growing crops under a canopy of trees. The canopy and native plants "make the garden more resilient in the face of a changing climate, needing less water, no chemical fertilizers and few, if any, pesticides." NASA is preparing for its latest Mars mission, which will launch on Saturday.

Arts: Movie reviews for the holiday weekend: Martin Scorcese's Hugo, The Muppets, Arthur Christmas, and My Week With Marilyn 

Sunday Magazine: Inbreeding has ruined the English bulldog and may drive the species out of existence.

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