The Airlines Most Likely to Delay Your Flight

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If you haven't booked your Thanksgiving flights yet (you better get on that), then our Chart of the Day just may be able to help you choose which airline is most likely to get you home on time for turkey. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's recently released consumer report for air travelers (doc), the airline that was least likely to delay a flight was Hawaiian Airlines, with over 95 percent of its flights arriving on time. So most Americans are able to start their Hawaiian vacations on time -- but which airline has the most delays? That would be JetBlue, which gets flyers to their destinations punctually only 77.8 percent of the time. The full results for 16 airlines are charted below. (It should be noted that some of those 16 -- like Southwest and AirTran, for example -- fall under the same corporate ownership.)

Leading laggard JetBlue blamed their flight delays during the January 2011 to September 2011 time period analyzed in the report on Mother Nature. The company told NBC Washington, which found the report:

Our business model differs from other airlines in many ways, most notably in our geographic concentration in the congested markets of New York and Boston ... Disruptive weather affected on-time performance this year. In particular, we were impacted by thunderstorms in NYC and Hurricane Irene in August.

Flight delays weren't the only metric measured: ExpressJet, second worst in flight delays, was No. 1 in cancelled flights. And the airline with the most mishandled bags was American Eagle, a subsidiary of American Airlines recently fined $900,000 for making passengers stay on the tarmac for too long.

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