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When police dispersed protesters camping in front of Oakland City Hall early Tuesday morning, the activists promised to return to take back their campsite. On Tuesday night they did, and the ensuing clash with police pit about 1,000 protesters against officers who fired at least five volleys of tear gas into their ranks, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Just as they did on Tuesday morning, police used flash-bang grenades and, reportedly, rubber bullets in addition to tear gas to subdue the crowd. The uproar ended in a tense standoff between protesters and police, the Chronicle reported, and the Occupy Oakland Twitter stream vowed a repeat of the evening's unrest on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the pictures and video coming out of Oakland's wild night tell the story of what happened better than we can.

The evening started with a march to the former site of the encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza (photo via AP):

Police squared off with demonstrators (photo via AP):

The Chronicle estimated police fired five volleys of tear gas, but Occupy Oakland's twitter stream said protesters faced tear gas and rubber bullets six or seven times (photo via AP):

Photos of this wheelchair-bound woman caught in the tear gas have been making the outraged rounds on Twitter (Photo via AP):

This protester got hit with a rubber bullet, according to Occupy Oakland, which posted the photo:

Some were injured more severely in the chaos, including one who got hit in the face by what some said was a tear gas canister, but might also have been a rubber bullet, as shown in this video:

Another video from the scene shows flash-bang grenades going off:

One person captured the scene in what looks like watercolor:

Most of the protesters moved on as police continued to release tear gas (photo via AP):

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