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The late Apple executive told the president to admit his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

It's not clear what, if anything, Bill Clinton said in response, The Telegraph reports. There was "a long silence" after Jobs offered his advice, according to Walter Isaacson's new biography of Jobs.

The Clinton revelation joins other awkward Jobs v. Famous Guy meetings. For instance:

He was reportedly “tongue-tied” when he met one of his musical heroes Bob Dylan – a disclosure all the more surprising as Mr Jobs was rarely at a loss for words or an opinion.

A meeting with Mick Jagger seemed to impress him less. He remarked afterwards that the Rolling Stones frontman must have been “on drugs or “brain-damaged”.

Clinton attended Jobs' memorial service, and also shared a more positive memory of the Apple CEO. He once offered to host the Clintons when they visited their daughter, Chelsea, at Stanford.

He got in touch with me, and said, 'It's hard to travel to see your child when you're President. I've got a place out in the country. You and Hillary can stay there and bring Chelsea and her friends there anytime you want to,'" Clinton recalled. "He gave me a priceless gift: the opportunity to see my child while I was still a very public figure, so I'm highly biased in his favour. Plus, even I can work an iPad."

Mr Clinton also paid tribute to Mr Jobs's work ethic, saying: "He was a very determined man. He probably had the most intense powers of concentration I ever saw."

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