Square to Be Hipster

Hipsters are supposed to be the cool kids, but that's actually not the way it works: anyone can join in. 

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Hipsters are supposed to be the cool kids, but that's actually not the way it works: anyone can join in. Take the latest hipsters, Mormons. The straight-laced youth from the Church of Latter-day Saints aren't the types you think would associate with the counter-culture, but, as The New York Times's Alex Williams points out, young Mormons have co-opted the Williamsburg-based trend. "On college campuses, city streets and countless style blogs, a young generation of Mormons has adopted a fashion-forward urban aesthetic (geek-chic glasses, designer labels and plenty of vintage) that wouldn’t look out of place at a Bushwick party," writes Williams. It sounds very easy to be a hipster! In fact, it is: there's no message, no politics, all style. Given how easy it is to join this particular club, it's no surprise that plenty of you-wouldn't-expect-to-be-hipster people are indeed hipsters. They are not exactly edgy.

Recently, the world was introduced to The Hipster Cop, also known as Detective Rick Lee. Police officers aren't exactly the types of people the world considers hip. Their job is to hate on fun. But Lee's a hipster. Why? Because he dresses like one, eats organic food and rides bikes. That's all it takes.

Then, we have D.C. hipsters. Washington, D.C. is not a hip town. It's full of government types and the nerdy journalists who cover their goings-on. These people very much are, work for, or obsess over The Man. Yet, even D.C.'-ites have hopped on the hipster train. Earlier this year, The Washington Post chronicled the rise of hipsterdome in DC via the thick rimmed glasses. The article points to White House press secretary Jay Carney, who donned a pair of black framed specs, as an example. But he's not the only one donning the frames, they have taken over D.C.. For example, it also turned out that the very person writing the article, Ned Martel too wears a hipster uniform.

And now we have hipster Mormons. Mormons are squares in a very unironic way. Yet, these Jesus loving youth have too adopted hipsterism. Mormon kids can be cool now, too. But not in a Cool Hand Luke kind of way, in a trendy way. They dress well. Take Brandon Flowers, one of these hip Mormons. "With his manly stubble, flannel shirt and skinny black jeans, Brandon Flowers looks every bit the hipster front man for his rock band, the Killers," writes Williams. Of course, they still don't drink or tattoo themselves, but they too can don a Pendleton and join in on the cool.

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